Sunday, March 6, 2011

Things to Read–March Edition

OK so last month I did a things to read list, and well I finished some of the things on it.  Not true, I finished The Maze Runner, and read a bunch in Ghost Hunting, but never finished it.  Then I went to LTUE and got sidetracked by some of the books there.  After hitting up a couple different Barnes and Noble stores I now have a stack of books which I cannot wait to dive into.


Reading Now:  Servant of a Dark God – John Brown.

I met John at LTUE and he was a great and funny guy.  His panel about killers tory ideas was fantastic.  He sold copies of his book directly after the panel and I had to rush in and snag one.  It looks fantastic, and after about three chapters I am quite enjoying it.




Up Next: The Warded Man – Peter V. Brett

The Desert Spear was recommended to me a short time back and when I picked it up yesterday I saw it was a 2nd book in a series.  So I had to visit another B&N location in order to find the first book, and here it is sitting in a stack of books waiting to be read.




Following Those: Gardens of the Moon – Steven Erikson

This first book in the Malazan series was on last months list and I totally intend on reading it this month.





The Name of the Wind – Patrick Rothfuss

Everyone in the world is going crazy for the second book in this series, so I figured I better get on the bandwagon before it is too late.







The Curse of Chalion – Lois McMaster Bujold

On twitter I mentioned that The Final Empire was the best fantasy book I had ever read, someone responded asking me if I had read this.  No sir, no I have not, but I soon will.







Monster Hunter Vendetta – Larry Correia

After reading MHI I am jonesing to read the second book in the series.  MHI was a damn fun read, and I was lucky enough to get my copy signed by Larry himself.  The B&N where I bought my copy of Vendetta had signed copies! wooo, 2 for 2!


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